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Educate Your Palate! We make wine approachable. Our wine classes span a variety of levels and topics. Class is casual, coverage of material is thorough, and our teachers are top-tier industry professionals. Sign up in advance below, or drop in at the last minute as long as seats remain available.





All Wine Classes include a cheese and bread board.

Don’t see the class or time you want? Drop us a line with your ideas. We also offer custom wine classes for private parties and corporate events. Click on a month below for the list of currently scheduled classes, or view all wine classes.


Classes are also offered at our Chelsea Market location!


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Old World vs New World: Whites
Join us for the first class in our mini Old World vs New World series, this time we are focusing on everything white wine!
Take a moment and think about how your favorite white wine. Where is it produced and how does that change the wine?
Old world wines tend to show more earthy or non-fruit aromas, generally lower in alcohol and lighter in body with less oak than their New World counterparts. Our Beverage Director, Ryan Totman, will discuss how white wines exist in the classical Old World style versus the New World style.
Come taste through examples of both styles and find out what camp you prefer or if you like a little bit of both! This class comes with 6 wines per person plus cheese and bread.
See you there!
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An In-Depth Guide to Napa & Sonoma
Napa and Sonoma are two of the world's most famous wine regions, with a relatively short but rich, impressive history of making first-class wines. Today, their range extends well beyond the premier Chardonnay, Cabernet and Pinot Noir for which they first gained attention. So what exactly makes these regions so special? In this intermediate class, we'll taste classic producers and see for ourselves. We'll cover: history of the regions; geology and climate; appellations and classifications; and vintages.
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Wine 101
Learn the basics and discover what you like in a wine so you can choose bottles in a restaurant or wine shop with confidence. We'll cover: how wine is made; the difference between Old World and New World styles of wine; how climate affects the body, alcohol and acidity of wine; how to determine and describe what you like.
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Fortified Wine & Cheese Pairing
Are you ready to take the next step with your cheese pairings? Join us as we learn all about pairing cheese with fortified wines. Fortified wines are made by adding a neutral spirit to the fermenting wine, which stops fermentation and boosts alcohol. They can be a spectacular companion to any cheese plate. In this class, you will get to enjoy 6 pours of fortified wine and cheese selected by our chef as well as learn all about this unique pairing!
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Harvest Cocktails

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A Tour of Spain
Learn about the major wine regions of Spain, from Rias Baixas to Jerez and everything in between. This country bridges the gap between the Old and New Worlds, combining tradition with innovation with a fascinating array of grapes and styles. We'll taste and cover: Spanish wine laws and history; six major wine regions and their climates, grapes, styles of production and suggested pairings.
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An In-Depth Guide to Germany & Austria
Riesling, Gruner, Spatburgunder, Blaufrankisch? Come explore these historic cool climate regions of Europe on a tour of Germany and Austria. Kabinett, Eiswein, Smaraagd, Gutswein, Gross Gewachs, we'll discuss all these terms while we taste delicious wines from the Mosel all the way to Styria. By the end you will be able to discuss the whites and reds (yes there are reds too!) that make this region so rich and equally delicious!
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Old World vs New World: Reds
Join us for the second installment in our Old World vs New World mini series. This time we focus all about red wine.
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5-Class Pack: October
Dive into tons of great wine education this October! This 5-class pack is a great way to take a wide range of wine classes, from Wine 101 up through 200-level classes, to food-and-wine pairings, to regionally focused classes — any five you like for just $250. Check out the classes at both the Union Square & Chelsea Market locations.

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Please note, the 5 class pack can not be used for Master Classes or Raid the Cellar Classes.
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