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Educate Your Palate! We make wine approachable. Our wine classes span a variety of levels and topics. Class is casual, coverage of material is thorough, and our teachers are top-tier industry professionals. Sign up in advance below, or drop in at the last minute as long as seats remain available.





All Wine Classes include a cheese and bread board.

Don’t see the class or time you want? Drop us a line with your ideas. We also offer custom wine classes for private parties and corporate events. Click on a month below for the list of currently scheduled classes, or view all wine classes.


Classes are also offered at our Chelsea Market location!


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A Tour of California
Learn about the major wine regions of California, from Mendocino to Santa Barbara and everything in between. There's SO much more to this state than Napa Cab or Sonoma Chard — it's almost hard to find a grape California winemakers haven't tried. We'll taste and cover: California wine laws and history; six major wine regions and their climates, grapes, styles of production and suggested pairings.
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Private Wine Class with Laura Maniec
This winter we are excited to offer private classes with Corkbuzz owner and Master Sommelier, Laura Maniec.

$500 plus tax includes a class for up to 4 people and is a fantastic gift!

If you are interested, in a private class for more then 4 people please email
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Whiskies of the World
Why do Whisky & Whiskey lovers pine for that special glass of 21-Year Scotch or Bourbon? Take our tasting tour and learn how and why Whisk(e)y culture has spread like wildfire since 1000 C.E., to every corner of the globe. Get to know classic production regions like Scotland, Ireland and the U.S., through tasting and audio-visual presentation, as well as more recent production in Japan, India and beyond. Learn to discern between styles, flavor profiles and production techniques.
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Tour of the Pacific Northwest
If you haven't met Amber Rill on the Union Square floor then you probably recognize her online from our Instagram #AmberatHarvest series.
This past fall, we vicariously participated in Amber's detailed experiences of cutting out unripe bunches, making bio-dynamic mixtures, and gently extracting thin Pinot Noir skins. She also guided us on the history and the significance of the Pinot Noir Pommard clones at Brooks Winery which is located outside of beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Join us for a "Tour of the Pacific Northwest" as Amber features 6 different wines from this region. We'll taste through the diverse production happening in this corner of our country and learn just how far-reaching our domestic production has become in this area!
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Napa Master Class
Explore Napa in great detail in this Corkbuzz Master Class. Delve into the relatively short, but rich and impressive history of this famous wine region. What is it that makes this region so special? In this comprehensive course, we'll cover: history of the region; geology and climate; appellations and classifications; and vintages.
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Around the World with Bordeaux Varietals
The wines of Bordeaux comes with many classifications and they are possibly one of the most misunderstood varietals. Its identity shifts much like that of a chameleon depending on the climate, terroir and production techniques used. Come sip on examples of Bordeaux varietals. Let us show you all its versatility in the glass!
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Blind Tasting
We won't blindfold you, but we will pour the wines "blind"; meaning you won't be told what you're tasting at first. Hone your deductive tasting skills and learn how to tell the difference between grapes like Pinot Noir and Tempranillo or Riesling and Chenin Blanc. We'll cover: the language of wine; the purpose of blind tasting; classic grapes, regions and styles; and the full deductive tasting process.
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Blind Tasting Workshop: Class One
In the first of 8 Blind Tasting classes we will introduce the tasting grid with a focus on the clues that the "Sight" and "Nose" give in accurately deducing the region, grape, vintage and quality of a wine. Learn about clarity, color hues, rim variation, gas evidence, sediment and viscosity for the sight as well as flaws, intensity, families of fruit descriptors, non-fruit, oak and age for the aroma.

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Wine 101
Learn the basics and discover what you like in a wine so you can choose bottles in a restaurant or wine shop with confidence. We'll cover: how wine is made; the difference between Old World and New World styles of wine; how climate affects the body, alcohol and acidity of wine; how to determine and describe what you like.
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Cheese & Wine Pairing
Though they're famous for going well together, cheese and wine aren't the easiest of things to understand. Stilton and Syrah or Gruyère and Grüner — who knows?? We do. We'll taste and cover: composition of cheese and wine; main types of cheese; general pairing guidelines; specific pairing suggestions.
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5-Class Pack: January
Start the New Year off right with wine education! This 5-class pack is a great way to take a wide range of wine classes, from Wine 101 up through 200-level classes, to food-and-wine pairings, to regionally focused classes — for just $250.

Add just this item to your cart. After check-out, you will receive an order confirmation email. To request seats and register for classes, simply email with your desired class names and dates. You can always request additional class registrations within the month as you desire; all registrations are subject to class availability and will be confirmed by email reply. The 5-class pack is valid for 30 days from the date of your first class.

Packs can be used at either location

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Blind Tasting Workshop: Class Two
In the second of 8 Blind Tasting classes we will review the tasting grid with a focus on the clues that the "Palate" give in accurately deducing the region, grape, vintage and quality of a wine. Learn how to describe the families of fruits, non-fruit descriptors, detect and evaluate the structure of wine: such as sweetness, acidity, tannin, and alcohol.

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