Blind Tasting Varietals: 8 Class Pack

Our Blind Tasting Workshop has a new spin this May, rather than serving 6 wines from various grapes, we will highlight the same grape from 6 different regions, producers and vintages from around the world. Each class in this vamped up series will allow you to compare the structure and flavor of the same variety from different wine regions around the world; some of which they are classically associated with, and some from places that might surprise you. Class grape varieties will be revealed at the start of each class. Expect to compare and contrast Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Blends and Syrah from all over the world and hone your ability to describe and decipher Napa Valley Cabernet from Bordeaux and German Riesling From Austrian Riesling. We will learn about the history of the grapes and the major regions, benchmark producers, vintages and clones while using the deductive tasting method.

We'll finish off the series with two wild card classes where participants will try six wines blind and call the variety. Challenge yourself with this new Blind Tasting experience and put your tasting skills to the test!

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