Sherry Masterclass

Few wines in the world have the complexity and diversity of Sherry, even fewer have been as misunderstood. What is the story of Sherry? Where is it made and how has it become so well known?

We'll discover styles made, and notable producers. In class we'll taste the whole spectrum of wines produced in Jerez, Spain with specific focus on the house of Valdespino, a producer with ancient roots in the region as far back as the 1200s.

Our guide will be Lewis Edwards Jr, Advanced Level Sommelier and Certified Wine Educator. Lewis is the Charlotte District Manager for The Country Vintner, one of the nation's most prominent distributors of fine wines and spirits. With his guidance we will explore the history and production methods of this unique area and learn tips for buying Sherry and how to create perfect pairings with this wild card wine.

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