Tour of the Pacific Northwest

If you haven't met Amber Rill on the Union Square floor then you probably recognize her online from our Instagram #AmberatHarvest series.
This past fall, we vicariously participated in Amber's detailed experiences of cutting out unripe bunches, making bio-dynamic mixtures, and gently extracting thin Pinot Noir skins. She also guided us on the history and the significance of the Pinot Noir Pommard clones at Brooks Winery which is located outside of beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Join us for a "Tour of the Pacific Northwest" as Amber features 6 different wines from this region. We'll taste through the diverse production happening in this corner of our country and learn just how far-reaching our domestic production has become in this area!


Amber Rill


January 8, 2018


06:30 pm - 08:00 pm




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